Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Park Slope Food Coop Animal Welfare Committee (AWC) do?
The AWC produces reference guides, articles, and workshops regarding animal welfare issues related to products sold at the PSFC.

How old is the AWC?
The AWC formed in 2012.

Who is part of the AWC?
Currently, the AWC has nine members. The committee’s members include omnivores, vegetarians, and vegans.

How can I join the AWC?
Currently, the AWC is not looking to add members to the committee. The AWC advertises in The Linewaiter’s Gazette and posts on the committee’s social media when seeking new members.

What publications has the AWC produced?
The AWC is best known for its guides posted on the PSFC shopping floor. The guides provide information about animal welfare issues related to products sold by the PSFC. You can find the AWC’s guides here. Topics include animal testing, beef, chicken, dairy milk, eggs, and plant milk. The AWC also produces a seasonal guide about turkeys and vegetarian alternatives that is available in advance of Thanksgiving.

The AWC also regularly contributes articles to The Linewaiter’s Gazette. Some of its articles are available by searching the AWC blog.

How does the AWC obtain the information contained in its materials?
AWC members contact farmers and distributors directly and ask them questions related to animal welfare. The AWC also uses third-party animal welfare auditors and certification programs to inform the content of its publications.

How can I contact the AWC?
Please contact the AWC by emailing psfcanimals@gmail.com. The AWC tries to respond to emails within a few days, but when the committee is especially busy, it may take the AWC a couple of weeks to respond to your email. 

You can also find the AWC on Twitter at @psfcanimals and Facebook. The AWC blog is at psfcanimals.blogspot.com

Does the AWC lead boycotts or recommend specific products?
No, the AWC does not lead boycotts or recommend specific products. However, the AWC does share its research with PSFC members and the PSFC’s buyers through its publications.

I want to know how the animals are treated by a specific farmer. Can the AWC tell me?
Possibly. If you have reviewed the AWC’s guides and cannot find the answer to your question, then send an email to psfcanimals@gmail.com and the AWC will let you know if it has already researched the farm you are inquiring about.

Does the AWC do research on the labor standards or environmental impact of coop products?
No, the AWC solely researches the animal welfare practices for products sold at the PSFC.

Why don’t your guides mention which products are organic?
Although organic feed may be healthier for an animal long term, there is no research indicating that it has a definitive impact on the overall animal’s welfare.

Does the AWC get involved with other animal welfare issues in the community (such as feral cats, dogs tied up outside the coop, animal rescue organizations)?
No, the AWC provides information regarding the animal welfare practices of farmers and distributors who supply the coop. 

How can I let the AWC committee know that there is a new product that is not already included on an existing guide?
Send an email to psfcanimals@gmail.com so the AWC can update the guide. 

Last updated: January 2017