About the Committee

The Park Slope Food Coop Animal Welfare Committee provides animal-related and plant-based reference materials, articles and product suggestions as they relate to PSFC products. The squad will  focus on research and education to share with PSFC members on PSFC products as they relate to animals or animal welfare issues as they relate to the PSFC membership.
This will include researching animal-tested products and animal care standards on "food-animal" products that the PSFC carries or is asked to carry.


a) delineating PSFC products still tested on animals contrary to the PSFC's Environmental Statement and researching alternatives, working with the coordinators and their distributor information;

b) educational overview of the different kinds of animal testing/"food-animal" welfare standards certification labels and what they mean;

c) vendor profiles as they relate to animal-related products as the PSFC (could be farm visits, could be interviews);

d) films relevant to animal product issues
The squad can fully grow to 8-10 members but is currently adding members as we more fully release the type of work we'll be doing and the required skill sets we'll need to do the work.  

We can be reached at psfcanimals at gmail dot com

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