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Updated Dairy Milk Guide! And what's coming next!

We have an updated Dairy Milk Guide up on our blog and in the folders outside the milk case (near the butter)!  You can find this guide and all current guides here on the blog at the AWC Guides tab located at the top of the blog.  (Current guides:  Eggs: Animal Testing on Products; Dairy Milk)

What's up our sleeve?
 We'll be finalizing a Chicken Guide soon!  Keep an eye on Twitter and the blog!The seasonal Turkey/Seasonal Veggie Thanksgiving Options guide will also be happening this year - keep an eye out on Twitter and the blog!We will offer another Eating Vegan Workshop in 2015 but we're waiting until the large Meeting Room is available for booking again (it's currently slated for construction) so stay tuned for the 2015 date! Jesse, on behalf of the Animal Welfare Committee

CANCELED: September 28th Vegan Eating Workshop!

We'll be rescheduling the workshop for early 2015! Stay tuned!
Are you interested in vegan eating?

In recent years, there has been an increased interest in vegan eating, with people like Bill Clinton and Ellen DeGeneres touting the benefits of their plant-based diets. Growing evidence shows that vegan diets have positive impacts on human health and are better for the planet.

Whether you want to commit to a vegan diet or start eating more plant foods, this workshop will help.

Coop Supplier D’Artagnan Represents Foie Gras Producer

Two Coop vendors recently went head-to-head in a lawsuit over the meaning of the word "humane." For members who want to know more about the meat they buy, here is the story.

In 2003 Coop members voted to stop buying foie gras, which consists of the diseased livers of ducks and geese who were force-fed through long, hard pipes to swell their livers eight or more times their normal size. Before 2003 we bout foie gras from vendor D'Artagnan, which sold foie gras made by Hudson Valley Foie Gras (HVFG). The Coop still sells meat from chickens, pigs, lambs, rabbits, cows, turkeys, wild boars, and ducks from D’Artagnan
HVFG has been calling its foie gras humane, which stuck in the craw of another Coop provider, Regal Vegan, which makes Faux Gras. Regal Vegan made an unfair competition claim, arguing that by calling its product humane, Hudson Valley was stealing business from Regal Vegan’s Faux Gras -- which is free of animal products and so indisputably the more humane of the two…

Eating Vegan Workshop

The Animal Welfare Committee (AWC) conducted a workshop for co-op members about Vegan Eating on January 12th. We covered a number of subjects, including the AWC’s mission, reasons for eating vegan, the basics of vegan nutrition, and tips for shopping for vegan food at the co-op. We plan to offer the workshop again, so if you would like to attend please be on the lookout for an announcement.
Links to our handouts are attached here:
This four-pager addresses vegan sources of protein, calcium, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, vitamin B-12, iron, vitamin C, and vitamin D3. Disclaimer: we are not doctors or nutritionists. In this handout we share our understanding of our nutritional needs and list resources that offer more definitive and detailed information.
Replacement andTransitional Foods
If you’re looking for ways to replace specific animal products in your diet, this is a good place to start. We list vegan analogs for dairy milk, eggs, butter, yogurt, mayonnaise, sour cream,…

New Member Squad Application - and overview if you missed today's session!

Hello PSFC members!

Thank you to the folks who joined Piper and me this afternoon to hear about what the Animal Welfare Committee's work entails and how to apply for the Animal Welfare Squad as your co-op workshift.

All applications are due by 4/20 and we are hoping to meet with candidates who are a good fit during our 5/5 meeting (7-8:30pm) if possible.

[THE APPLICATION PERIOD IS NOW CLOSED. Thanks for your applications!]

If you were NOT able to join us this afternoon and are interested in joining the committee, please review the following points before applying. 
Please know our mission before applying.  The Animal Welfare Committee provides transparent animal welfare information about the co-op’s products.  Please take a look at the info sheets we produce.  This is a large part of what this committee's work is...and what the new members will be researching and creating as well!  Research involves calling PSFC vendors (farmers) and asking them questions about the welfare of the…

4/6 - Join the Animal Welfare Committee Session! (or just learn about us!)

Whether you want to learn what the Animal Welfare Committee does or you'd like to join the committee, this workshop is for you!  Please join us for an overview of what the committee does for the Park Slope Food Co-Op membership!  
If you'd like to join the squad, we'll be reviewing what skill sets we're looking for and letting you know how to apply!  If you can't make it and you'd like to join the squad, please keep an eye out here (or @psfcanimals on twitter) as we'll be hosting the online application on this blog.

Jesse, on behalf of the Animal Welfare Committee