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Apply Within! We're ready to add new members!

We’re ready to add new members to the Animal Welfare Committee!  

Applications due July 29th!
Please check out our mission before applying!  
We are hosting two “All About the Coop’s New Animal Welfare Committee:  How to Get Involved” sessions July 22nd and 24th, both at 7pm in the coop’s large upstairs meeting room.  We will be collecting applicant surveys at that meeting but if you are unable to make one of those meetings or want to apply earlier, you have the option of submitting your applicant survey via email – instructions below.

Before you apply, you should know what we’re looking for!
We are looking for folks who: -Have a strong interest in animal welfare
-Have a strong collaborative spirit
-Work well with others
-Are able to learn quickly and willing to stay abreast of current animal welfare news
-Are able to do their work remotely
-Are accountable
-Might have conflict resolution skills (given the topics we’re dealing with often have strong feelings around them!)