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It's here! Choosing Your Thanksgiving Dinner at the Co-op

As mentioned in last update, we've collaborated with PSFC staff to put together an animal welfare flyer outlining parameters of turkey treatment in addition to the multiple veggie turkey alternatives the co-op carries.

You can find the Choosing Your Thanksgiving Dinner flyer as a pdf here, and at the co-op both at the turkey case and in front of the freezer cases in aisle 3 where the Field Roasts and Tofurkeys are!

There is what seems to be a a discrepancy between this flyer and the co-op's flyer pertaining to Plainville Farms.  They are listed on the co-op's flyer as "free-range" but are a but NO under our "Able to forage outdoors/pasture-raised" column.  This is because the birds are housed in indoor facilities so they are not pasture-raised outdoors, although technically they are "free-range" because they are not caged in the indoor facility.  We made this distinction in the interest of fully transparency for animal welfare conditions -- a …

10/22 Squad Update - And Talking Turkeys

Hello Readers,

Here is your (late) update from our 10/22 meeting!

But first, we want you to know that we've been working with the staff members Bill Malloy, Joe Holtz and Joe Szladek to put together animal welfare information outlining how the turkeys the co-op sells are treated.  We're hoping to have that finalized shortly and we want to thank the staffers for being so generous with their time and information.  The information we assemble will be a handout distributed at the PSFC so keep an eye out for it in the literature dispensers and we will try to include it on the blog as well.

 photo by Slideshow Bruce Updates:
(No) Animal Testing List-  This has been moving a little slowly but we're still gathering info, researching and updating the spreadsheet.  Please see the Animal Testing Co-Op Product Info page (there's a tab at the top of the blog, too) to see where we are now.  If you have questions about a specific product, please let us know at psfcanimals at gmail dot c…