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6/3/13 Squad Update

Further editing of our milk guide continued at this month's squad meeting. Additional areas for research were identified and a plan for where to place the guide in the coop was outlined.We completed the initial planning of our guide about chicken and research tasks were assigned.A discussion of branding of our committee took place. A logo will be designed and used in the future so coop members will easily recognize resources produced by our committee.Deborah, on behalf of the Animal Welfare Committee

5/6/2013 Squad Update

We spent the majority of this month's meeting focused on the content of our guide to milk at the coop, which will include information about dairy and non-dairy milks. We expect to have this guide completed soon after our June squad meeting.Feedback was shared about our guides that have already gone to press and now appear in the aisles of the coop. We are pleased to see coop members reading the guides and we welcome your feedback at edits to a Linewaiter's Gazette article on animal testing were made.Deborah, on behalf of the Animal Welfare Committee