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Come Talk About Us! 9/28 General Meeting

We're excited to announce that we have a 45-minute spot on the September 28th General Meeting!

This will be a discussion item about the possibility of the Animal Welfare Committee - we'll be giving a 15 minute overview of our proposal and then taking questions for discussion. (The vote for this to be a work-credit squad will need to happen at a date after this general forum discussion.)

So if you have questions about the committee or you want to come out to support the idea (and get workslot credit?), we'd be thrilled to meet you in person!

And you can always email us comments, questions, suggestions at

Jesse & Patrick


SEPTEMBER 2010 General Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, September 28, 7:00 p.m.

Meeting Location:
Congregation Beth Elohim Social Hall (Garfield Temple)
274 Garfield Pl. at 8th Ave.

Items will be taken up in the order given. Times in parentheses below are suggestions. More information on each item may be available at the entr…