Thanksgiving Guide - Turkeys and Plant-Based Roasts

The Thanksgiving Guide, including both animal welfare information for turkeys and plant-based roast options, is available at the co-op and online.

You can find the Thanksgiving at the Coop Guide here online. It is also listed on the AWC Guides tab on this blog, where you can find all of the guides the Animal Welfare Committee creates.

Eating Vegan Workshop - August 2nd!

Get excited for our upcoming, 3rd annual "Eating Vegan" workshop. Are you curious about a vegan diet? Wonder what the difference is between seitan and tempeh? If you have been thinking about going vegan or just thinking about working more fruits and vegetables into your diet, we're here to help!

This workshop will cover what "vegan" means, typical concerns about eating a plant-based diet, and specific plant-based food items that can be purchased at the coop.

WHERE: Park Slope Food Coop General Meeting Room (2nd Floor)
WHEN: Tuesday 8/2, 7:30PM

Guide to Coop Beef Now Available!

Check the new Members' Guide to Coop Beef, now available in the beef case and on the Guides section of our blog. 

Guides from the Coop’s Animal Welfare Committee Offer More Information than Product Packaging and Labels Do

By Piper Hoffman Do you want to know whether the meat, dairy, or eggs you are buying came from animals who were treated humanely? You won’t find the answers on the packaging. Recent revelations about the conditions Perdue’s chickens suffer illustrate the problem: their “labels carry a seal of approval from the Department of Agriculture asserting that the bird was ‘raised cage free,’ and sometimes ‘humanely raised,’” Nicholas Kristof wrote in The New York Times. (“Abusing Chickens We Eat,” December 3, 2014.) Those descriptions are misleading at best. Coop members, however, can get reliable, detailed information that shoppers at conventional grocery stores don’t have. The Animal Welfare Committee publishes Guides for members about a number of product categories that detail the treatment of animals by the Coop’s vendors. With a Guide in hand it is easy to choose the most humane option the Coop offers and to avoid the others. The Members’ Guide to Coop Chicken is the latest example. The Buye…

Thanksgiving at the Coop - Your 2015 guide is here!

It's that time of year again! Thanksgiving is a little over a week away and turkeys are starting to appear in the Coop's meat case. Check out our 2015 Thanksgiving Guide to learn more about the welfare of the turkeys we have available this year - as well as plant-based Thanksgiving options!

Slaughterhouse Shortage

by Kama Einhorn, Animal Welfare Committee

You may have noticed a "certified humane" logo on some coop meats—but only a few. Why are there plenty of small, local family farmers raising animals well, but so few humane-certified items available in the coop—or in any store or restaurant? Here’s the four-part problem:

All farmers must use USDA-approved slaughterhouses. Farmers cannot legally sell meat unless it’s been “harvested” at an approved “processing plant” (otherwise, they can only eat it themselves or give it away). Obviously, it’s crucial for a government agency to ensure that disease is kept out of the public food supply, but the USDA is a bloated bureaucracy whose rules favor factory farms (with fast “line speeds,” which is poor for humane slaughter) and help them to thrive. And factory farms are responsible for E. coli, Salmonella outbreaks and mad cow disease (the USDA lets factory farms feed dead, diseased cows to living cows).

Small farmers are limited to smaller slau…