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New Guides on Animal Testing and Eggs Available from the AWC

Did you know we are publishing and placing our guides in the coop's aisles? The Animal Welfare Committee provides clear, concise, and unbiased information for PSFC members in the following guides, which you can download from our blog or find in print when you next visit the coop.

Guide to Animal Testing (last updated April 17, 2013)

Guide to Coop Eggs (last updated March 20, 2013)

4/8/2013 Squad Update

We completed the editing of another new guide, Members Guide to Animal Testing. It made its debut at our Earth Day table on April 20th.
The committee selected the topic of our next guide and discussed how to keep the guides current as information and product availability changes. Discussion pertaining to a coop-wide product policy continues. 
Deborah, on behalf of the Animal Welfare Committee