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We're a group of Park Slope Food Coop members who came together after realizing during our PFSC shopping trips that, while there are a lot of animal-friendly products on the PSFC's shelves, there was still a lot of room for improvement!

In our conversations with other members, some were surprised to hear that we still carried any items that are tested on animals (even though our policy says the PSFC avoids such products) and others expressed confusion regarding animal-treatment labeling ("What's the difference between grass-fed and free-range?).

After having these conversations and wishing for a way to help inform PSFC shoppers who are interested in animal welfare, what's animal-tested (and PSFC alternatives), what's "free-range", etc. we thought we would enlist other PSFC who share these concerns to join us in creating a committee to specifically address these issues.

We're hoping to create a workslot credit committee that would be in service…