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08/26/2013 Squad Update

This meeting the squad checked in our work calendar for the remainder of 2013.

What will we be doing for the rest of 2013? 

The Milk Guide is done and will be posted to the blog shortly.  The laminated version is already up in the co-op!  We'll be starting the Chicken Guide next  We're considering whether we have the bandwith to commit to a seasonal Turkey Guide, as we did last year
Some items are already in our pipeline for 2014:

A workshop for those interested in eating vegan - this was a request from our co-op membership when we hosted the committee info sessions last year.  Scheduled tenatatively for January 2014, we'll be gathering resources for the "Interested in Eating Vegan?" workshop
Beef Guide - we're slated to start the Beef Guide in 2014
We also discussed a Communication Checklist for the information guides we produce.  When we come out with  a new info guide, we want you to know!  So we brainstormed the ways we can get that information in front of yo…

7/29/13 Squad Update

At our end-of-July meeting we discussed the final steps for producing our Dairy Milk Guide and Plant-Based Milks Guide. We brain-stormed ideas for promoting our informative Guides to Coop members, including a link from the Coop’s website to this blog. We also planned subjects and discussed the schedule for upcoming Guides.

Piper, for the Animal Welfare Committee